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We are proud to offer highly qualified teachers who provide excellent training that meets internationally recognized standards.

Whether dance is for fun, fitness, or as a career, we offer classes, support, and performance opportunities second to none. Our children’s programs provide introductory classes in various styles delivered in a fun and educational format!

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Newsletters”]Monthly newsletters are available on the first of every month and contain important studio news, updates, and upcoming events. It is the parents’ responsibility to read the newsletter to stay up to date on studio events. This newsletter is available online and is emailed to every customer who agreed to receive it by email. If you choose to not receive it by email, please pick up your copy at the studio.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Change Rooms“]There are three change rooms available for the use of dancers. There is a boys change room, a 12 and under girls change room by Studio C, and a 13 and over girls change room off of Studio D. If a Dad is bringing his little dancer to class, please change them in the public washroom located in the office. Please no dads or brothers in the girls’ change rooms. There is zero tolerance for any bullying or vandalism in the change rooms. Please remind your child that the studio is a facility where they must be respectful of others – specifically in the change room.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Parent Observation“]We have Parent Observation Weeks every other month, on average every 8 weeks. This is a great time to invite family to come and watch your dancers’ performance and progress. All parents are encouraged to attend their children’s classes to get to know the instructors and the work that is being taught. Please make alternate arrangements for younger siblings. Please be respectful, do not use cell phones or chat during these class observations.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Dropping Off and Picking Up“]Please arrive with your student no more than 10 minutes before their class starts and pick up no later than 10 minutes after their class ends. If your dancer is 8 years old and over and is arriving or staying without a parent for a longer length of time, approval must be given from the office.

Dancers 7 and under are required to have a parent or guardian present until class starts and at the finish of the class. Please contact the office if you are running late for pick up so we can make arrangement to supervise your dancer.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Parking Lot“]The front parking lot is a drop off and pick up zone only, with a 15 minute maximum. It is also a no-idle zone so that the air in the studio is clean for the dancers. Please do not wait in the drive through loop area as it blocks traffic flow. For longer parking times please park in the large parking lot located at the back of the dance studio.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Locker Rentals“]Lockers are available for rent in all change rooms for a fee of $40.00 +HST/year if purchased in September or $5.00 +HST x # of months left in dance season. Please register and pay at the office. Please ensure that you clean out your locker regularly and never leave food inside the lockers. If you do not wish to rent the locker, you may bring a lock for a locker during your class. Please remove it and your contents at the end of the day.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”Lost & Found“]The Lost & Found is located at the front foyer of the office. If you misplace an item, please check in the lost & found box. Items unclaimed will be donated to a local charity 3 times a year.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h4″ title=”For Sale Board“]The Lost & Found is located at the front foyer of the office. If you misplace an item, please check in the lost & found box. Items unclaimed will be donated to a local charity 3 times a year.[/toggle]



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  1. Hi. I am wondering how I go about signing my daughter up for classes ? Kelsey is 10 and looking into trying to get into something competitive. Currently she hasn’t chosen wich genre of dance she likes more. Are you able to point me in the right direction on how to get her started ?

    1. Hello,

      I am so sorry for the late reply. Can you tell me what type of dance your daughter has taken previously? That will help me to direct you:)

    1. Hello, Thank you for your message. We are now taking registration for Fall Classes. At 6 years of age, your daughter would take Primary Ballet. The cost is $62.16 per month. There is a one time costume fee of $105 and a one time administration fee of $31.50. Both are due upon registration. Please feel free to email us at judydance@shawcable.com if there are any other questions that I can answer.

      Have a great day.

      Admin Manager
      Enchainement Productions Inc

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